University Presbyterian Church

Buffalo, New York

This new organ enjoys a fine room with almost 3 seconds reverberation. Though limited funds required that much of the Choir is prepared, the success of this instrument is immediately apparent. The Great speaks with authority and the complete Swell chorus is the perfect foil for it, being of different character and equal volume. The very effective swell boxes, for which Kegg is known, allow complete control of the fiery full Swell. This organ has been proclaimed a significant recital instrument by Dr. David Fuller, recently retired from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Of special note in the specification is the Solo Diapason III. This stop, unique to Kegg instruments, is one of our Ensemble stops. It draws the Great Principal 8', the Pedal Principal 8' and the Great Octave playing at 8', providing a rich triple 8' Diapason line. It is very useful in solo passages and for romantic literature where a large velvet 8' line is required.