Texas A&M International University

Laredo, Texas

In August, 2003, Texas A&M International University at Laredo opened its new Recital Hall, part of the new, large Center for Fine and Performing Arts complex. It was the dream of University President Dr. Ray Keck that the new hall have a fine pipe organ specially designed for its needs. On July 23, 2006, his dream was realized. Known as the Sharkey-Corrigan Pipe Organ, the new organ is the gift of the E. H. Corrigan Foundation and its president, E. H. Corrigan, in memory of Mr. Corrigan's mother.

After a national search, the Kegg company was chosen to build this landmark instrument, and we are most honored. The new organ is 69 ranks and 52 stops. Global in the heritage of its resources, the approach to the flexible use of those resources is decidedly American. The tonal scheme seeks not to simply reproduce sounds from any historic period, but to give the instrument its own voice with the integrity to convey with conviction the musical language of composers of all eras to contemporary listeners. For this instrument we have taken care to provide four complete flue and reed choruses that are specially designed, scaled and voiced to let the music of J. S. Bach and his contemporaries sing and sparkle with life. The same resources, blended in different ways, create a versatile romantic instrument well capable of dialogue with a full orchestra, accompanying choral ensembles, and the wide dynamic range of romantic and contemporary organ literature.

As with many recent Kegg instruments, the Solo division has a Solo Diapason IV, which is one of Kegg's Ensemble stops.

The organ was opened in concert by consultant Dr. David Heller on July 23, 2006.   Click here for a local review of the event.   

The critics love this organ. Here's what one said about the David Heller recording on ProOrgano:

American Record Guide: "The Tuba Tune is jolly good, and the Tuba stop on this organ is outstanding - you can't miss it." - Metz

The cover feature from The Diapason, September, 2006 can be seen by clicking here.

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Here is a video of the installation of this organ. 3 1/2 weeks work shown in 8 minutes.

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