All Saints Lutheran Church

Worthington, Ohio

This 26 rank, 20 stop organ replaces an aging electronic instrument. It enjoys an ideal placement in a large, open chamber, high in the center of the room. With a very active music program, the congregation supports 6 music staff members including organist Tom Gerke.

The specification is a large 2 manual instrument, with a prepared Choir division. Until the Choir division is added, we have provided all the Swell stops duplexed onto the Choir manual, adding a great deal a variety without sacrificing the musical integrity of a well developed 2 manual instrument.

In May of 2020, we completed this organ with a new Choir division and other additions, bringing the organ up to 33 ranks. The enlarged specification can be viewed below. We retained some of the Swell duplexed stops onto the Choir manual for additional flexibility.

We hope you will stop and see this member of our family when you are in the Columbus Ohio area.

Click here to view PDF Specification