Zion Lutheran Church

Wausau, Wisconsin

This new organ is installed above the choir in the gallery of this handsome post WWII church. It presents very well from its splendid and commanding position, located on either side of a fine lancet window. With a portion of the Great enclosed separate from the Swell, its tonal design is very flexible for choral works, while the three choruses will play classic literature with great conviction. The organ is 3 manuals and 49 ranks. Dr. David Heller of San Antonio was consultant. Virginia Giese is Music Director. Rev. Steven Gjerde is Senior Pastor.

The installation of the new organ was completed in early December, 2009 with voicing complete in early February, 2010. It was dedicated on February 21, 2010 with Dr. Heller playing in concert.

Here you see the left case side closest to the lancet window. The cases are white oak. The pipe shades are hand-carved in basswood and are finished with a clear coat to retain the white color. Figures of the four Archangels and the symbols of the twelve Apostles are carved into the pipe shades.

You can purchase the new recording from ProOrgano, by clicking here.

Here is a close-up of the left tower carved pipe shade where you can see St. Michael with his flaming sword.

Carving of the pipe shades is by Wood Sculpture by Spirit. Click the link below to see more of Spirit's work.

The cover feature from The Diapason, January, 2011 can be seen by clicking here.

Please be patient as this is a large file.

Below you can see photos of the left case, facade pipes and the console being constructed along with a side view Festival Trumpet.

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Wood Sculpture by Spirit

Click here for The Diapason magazine cover story