Emanuel Lutheran Church

Pleasantville, New York

Our new instrument for Emanuel Lutheran Church was completed in time for Easter of 2013. It is 9 stops over two manuals and pedal. The installation is unusual in that the front of the main organ case is suspended from the roof structure in order to maintain maximum floor space in the intimate gallery. The large pipes of the Pedal Subbass 16' and the Erzahler 16' are located outside the main organ case along the back wall and under the roof on the right.

The raised letters on the organ case front are in 22k gold leaf and were executed by the Kegg staff.

The intimate room seats about 180. Though it has little reverberation, the organ fills the space with warmth and color.

The organ was dedicated in concert by Music Director Michael Brittenback on April 28, 2013. Many thanks to all those who helped in this project and to all our friends at Emanuel Lutheran Church.

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