Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church

Lafayette, Louisana

We have done a significant rebuild and additions to the 1960s Otto Hoffman organ of this church. The organ enjoys a new Choir division along with tonal changes and additions to shift the color of the organ from German to French. The design was done in collaboration with Director of Music Keith D'Anna and is 4 manuals and 63 ranks. This organ was completed in late May, 2015

The organ was dedicated in concert by Ken Cowan on August 30, 2015.

Work included complete releathering of the Hoffman wind chests, rescaling and replacing stops and voicing to the new design, new Recit additions and enclosure, new reeds throughout, new complete Choeur division, new additional Pedale foundation stops, new Fatima Trompette (chamade) and extensive rebuilding of the 2007 Schantz console.

The cover feature from The Diapason, January, 2016 can be seen by clicking here.

Shown here is the new Fatima Trompette installed at the rear of this church. For the organ techies out there, it is mounted on a concrete beam below the window, above a Baptistry and font. The air line that feeds this stop is the horizontal wood you see extending from the right side of the pipes. This wood is actually a shallow box that brings the air from the blower that is about 18' away in a side room. The main organ is in the front of the church in chambers on either side of the Altar. The choir area is in front of the right chamber with the Choeur division speaking directly into it. Expression shades on the side of this division can be closed to direct sound primarily to the choir area. Because the balance of the organ is on the opposite side of the church from the choir area, the Choeur division has stops drawn from it that appear on a floating Bombarde division that allow the musician to play the stops of this division from two manuals which greatly enhances the flexibility of choral accompaniments.

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