St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church

Grove City, Ohio

This new pipe organ replaces an instrument that was built in 1925 by the M.P. Moller company. The original instrument had changes and additions and was experiencing many mechanical difficulties, and the church decided a new instrument was in order. Our new instrument is 29 ranks over three manuals. Five ranks of pipes from the original 1925 instrument were retained in the new organ. Click on the link below for the complete stop list.

This organ was completed in June, 2016 and the dedication by church Music Director Dr. John Schuder was on October 16, 2016. Many thanks to the organ committee ably led by Ms. Alice Sweeley.

This organ is entirely enclosed in the 1925 organ chambers with Swell on the left and Great-Choir-Pedal on the right. With the chancel renovation that removed the carpet, the organ now fills the church easily, even with a full congregation of singers at full voice.

Of special note in the design is the 8' Bombarde. This stop plays on both the Great and the Choir and is an E.M. Skinner-style Tuba on 10" wind pressure. It is in its own expression enclosure and has its own set of expression shades speaking out from the right side, thus it is in its own expression enclosure for maximum flexibility. There is no Crescendo pedal on this organ. Each set of shades has its own pedal.

Here you see the Great side set up in the Kegg shop. The box on the left is the Bombarde enclosure. The main chests to the Right are the Great and Choir.

Click here to view PDF Specification